Premium, Convenient Pre-prepared Meals

The Meal Pantry is firstly about fabulous tasting food.
Equally important is developing recipes that provide nutritionally sound meals from local, fresh produce.
We snap freeze our meals daily to ensure we maintain the highest levels of quality, so you can choose to consume when it suits you. We deliver the meals frozen or you can buy from our freezers instore. All of our items reheat beautifully from frozen. We know this as we eat them ourselves! This reduces the waste of fresh items that don't get eaten in time.
Our fabulous Team of chefs and 'food advisors' look forward to meeting our customers at our two kitchens in Grange where you can see and smell the meals being cooked.
We offer our base recipes in a number of size versions, with and without the side, so you can mix and match. This way you can also customise our dishes to your preferences, eg choose a low carb side or GF side depending on your requirements and preferences.
We can assist with meal provision for customers with a Homecare or NDIS package.

About Us

The three friends (El, Jacqui and Fiona) started the business during covid to help elderly family and friends enjoy a high quality and variety of meals and food options during lockdowns and periods of isolation.
It also allowed us to provide employment for amazing chefs we worked with that would have otherwise had no income source when the hospitality industry was closed.
The dishes we have on our menu are inspired from a number of sources.
Old family favourite recipes, dishes that our parents and grand parents made for us that are timeless.
New and contemporary recipes based on best sellers in restaurants and pubs, dishes we know and love.
All our recipes, old or new are tested and modified to deliver flavour and balanced and healthly options.

Gluten Free

All of our base recipes are gluten free and completely safe for people who have coeliac disease.
The only dishes that contain Gluten are those with a pasta component.
For example any pasta sauce in a meal with the sauce isn't gluten free. Also our lasagne and cannelloni are not gluten free.

Select Items that have gluten free options